A Star Wars: Legion Podcast - The Fifth Trooper

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Future Faction Talk - The Fifth Trooper Podcast ep 87

We talk about what factions should be next and how FFG could do it.

The War Corgi Dilemma - The Fifth Trooper Podcast Ep 86

On this episode we are joined by War Corgi who comes with his own knockoff game: Buy, Try, Trash - Community Edition. Who will Evan and Jay choose and who will they discard in the community (hint: the answer is always trash stabcast). 

Try, Buy, Trash! and Invader League - The Fifth Trooper Podcast Ep 85

On this week's episode we talk Invader League with Zach Barry and we bring back TRY, BUY, TRASH!!!

Covering the Star Wars: Legion Tourney Changes - The Fifth Trooper Ep 84

On this episode Bushfacts joins us as we cover all the changes on FFG has released in the tournament regulations!

Live from the Bunker! The Fifth Trooper Ep 83

Jay and Evan are live and are joined by Ryan from Stabcast and Brendon from Critical X!

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