Beginners Guide to Star Wars: Legion

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Get to Know Us - The Fifth Trooper Podcast S2E12

Evan and Jay are back and we play a Get to Know Us game and talk about games in general.

Modiphius Entertainment - The Fifth Trooper Podcast S2E11

On this episode we talk to Chris Birch the Publisher & Founder of Modiphius Entertainment.

Adventures in Neverland - The Fifth Trooper Podcast S2E10

On this episode we interview Vicky Swers the game designer of Adventures in Neverland from Black Box Adventures!

Forgotten Waters - The Fifth Trooper Podcast S2E9

We interview Mr. Bistro one of the designers of Forgotten Waters from Plaid Hat Games!

Wild West Exodus - The Fifth Trooper Podcast S2E8

We interview Chris Pond of Warcradle Studios about Wild West Exodus! If you are interested we are selling it on our site:

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