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About Us

September 4, 2018

Why are you even here?

We spend so much time talking to each other about our tactics and gaming, that we decided to start recording it and put it out in the world. We have been super excited about different podcasts lately and thought this would be a great way to get our conversations out to the masses. 

About Nick Allen

Nick is an avid gamer and has been huge into TCG and LCG games for a long time. He has an affinity for any dice-based game and will kickstart every dice game he sees. Legion is one of the first tabletop games he has thoroughly enjoyed and is all in on the rebels (especially since he rolls crits on white dice - Jay).

About Jay Shelanskey

Jay loves playing tabletop war games and board games, even trying his hand at designing and producing his own board games. He is also a huge Star Wars nerd and probably has more collectibles then he will ever need. He is obsessed with Star Wars Legion and usually makes all the voices for his units when sitting and painting them.