Beginners Guide to Star Wars: Legion

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Season Finale - TFT Podcast S2E23

Jay and Evan wrap up the year on the season 2 finale of The Fifth Trooper Podcast!

Dust 1947 - TFT Podcast S2E22

We talk to Greg Boisbelaud about Dust 1947, the process of making minis and the game industry in general.

Star Wars Legion News and Leaks - TFT Podcast S2E21

Jay and Evan are covering the Star Wars Legion news and leaks!

Licorice & Dreams - TFT Podcast S2E20

On this episode we talk about what's happening at the network, Blood & Plunder and Star Wars: Legion.

Blood & Plunder - The Fifth Trooper S2E19

Captain Tuñez The Pirate Lord, joins us to talk Blood & Plunder and Firelock's upcoming kickstarter!

Star Wars Legion vs 40k - The Fifth Trooper S2E18

We are back! We are comparing Star Wars Legion vs Warhammer 40k!

New Games & Top 3 Mixed Group Games - The Fifth Trooper S2E17

On this episode we talk about Scythe and Donner Dinner Party as well as our Top 3 Mixed Group Games!

Hobby Time Management - The Fifth Trooper S2E16

On this episode Jay & Evan talk about how to manage your time with the Hobby as well as tips for getting those minis painted quick.

Wargaming Terrain - The Fifth Trooper S2E15

On this episode we talk everything terrain! From choosing the right terrain to building your own.

Unmatched - The Fifth Trooper Podcast S2E14

We talk to Brian and Noah from Restoration Games about Unmatched! We cover everything from art direction to their favorite characters.

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