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Star Wars Legion Podcast Ep 2- NOVA Open, Winning Army Lists and Legion Terrain

September 5, 2018

In this episode we welcome our guest Evan Bulriss and talk about NOVA Open, Winning Lists and Terrain.


Kyle @ reached out and had some updates to our talk, thanks Kyle!:

-the second place player on Saturday was Raul Rosado, who ran Veers/triple bikes. The Veers/Vader player was third. (our fault)

-they let each player place 3 barricades on day two and three. If there were already barricades built into the terrain pieces, the 3 player placed barricades supplemented those.

-the battle med thing is legit. This was specifically answered by FFG:

-you can’t force push units off a cliff. That was also answered in the same thread as above (since it is a speed 1 move, not a move action. Clambering is a move action).

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